[Update] MyArcadeContest, WPAchievements WPJugendschutz & BrayGames

A few days ago our team released new versions of our popular products which bring you amazing new features and solve known issues.

With MyArcadeContest v1.20 you can have real prizes on your contest instead of having only CubePoints. That means you can add e.g. XBOX, PlayStation or what every you want as contest prize.

The CosmosTheme has been updated too. Several known issues have been resolved and support for MyArcadeContest v1.20 has been added.

WPAchievements is the plugin that we have released last month and since today it received three updates with a lot of new features. The integrated Facebook bridge posts automatically to users wall when he gains an achievements! Other improvements are: BBPress integration, Localization support, Fully BuddyPress support!

WPJugendschutz is a small Plugin especially for German sites where webmasters have to lock content depended on the time. In Germany you are not allowed to show violent or sexist content in the daytime. WPJugendschutz has all the FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontolle der Filmwirtschaft) classifications where you can define the time and a message that should be displayed when content is locked.

Last but not least a new version of the BrayGames theme has been released. The version v1.0.3 solves two issues and brings one new feature.