[Update] ArcadeXLS v1.1.0

There is a new version of our ArcadeXLS Theme avalaible.


v1.1.0 – 2014-09-14
– Fix: Hide comments tab if comments are disabled for the game view.
– Fix: Favorites shows up even when the favorites are disabled in the theme options.
– Fix: Styling problems if the game preloader banner is removed.
– Fix: The game background style .gamecnt is not padding exactly with the game width
– Fix: Keep advert space dimension on the archive view, also with activated ad blocker
– Fix: On/Off Switch to all ad spaces.
– Fix: Iframe / Embed games are not centered
– Fix: Update HTML5 Shiv to 3.7.2 for better IE Compatibily View
– Add: On/Off Switch to disable responsiveness
– Add: Logo PSD Files

Modified Files:
– games-play.php
– functions.php
– style.css
– archive.php
– header.php
– single-pre-game.php
– games-play.php
– gamer-footer.php
– search.php
– norsp.css
– html5.js