exells.com offers you the most powerful marketplace for virtual goods on the Internet.

10 good reasons which will convince you to start selling on exells.com
  1. You will get a web space to present your work to prospective customers, for FREE.
  2. We will promote your work and do a lot of off-site and on-site optimization to keep the conversation rates high.
  3. As an author on exells.com you will receive 75% of every sale if you offer your items exclusively on exells. Otherwise you will get 50%
  4. You commission will be payed monthly (between 15th and 20th).
  5. There is no minimum value!
  6. Commissions have three states: (Pending, Payable, Paid, Cancelled)
    Pending state is set directly after the purchase and it will change to Payable after 45 days. This is required for potential refunds.
    All Payable commissions will be payed out monthly. After the payment the status will change to “Paid”.
    Commission status will change to cancalled on refund. The accruing costs for credit card deductions will be subtracted from payable commissions.
  7. Always see the summary of your commission and keep track of your monthly income.
  8. There are no boundaries. Feel free to sell every kind of digital / virtual goods. It doesn’t matter if it is a WordPress Premium Theme, WordPress Premium Plugin, PHP Script, PSD File, JaveScript, etc …
  9. You decide the selling price. No one will dictate your pricing strategy.
  10. Benefit form our Newsletters which are sent regularly to all exells.com customers. Submit updates and new features to us and we will keep all buyers and customers informed.

Do you know another virtual marketplace that has such attractive terms? Of course not!

You just need 3 small steps to start!!
  1. To become an author you will need to create an exells.com account and log in.
  2. Submit an item with a description (use our submit form bellow).
  3. Wait for our review and quality check.
Are you ready to fill your wallet? Submit your item!

To become an author you will need to login to your Exells account and submit an item. Our aim is to offer only quality items and therefor each submitted item will be reviewed.